Lancaster Montessori School

About Us 

On January 8, 1996 one woman with a vision to provide children in the Antelope Valley with an exceptional education started Lancaster Montessori School with only one class of a mixture of Kindergarten and Preschool students. She wanted a program that featured academics with a clear and consistent curriculum, as well as activities to create well-rounded children. In addition, she wanted to instill manners, social skills, and an appreciation for art and music in each and every child. The Montessori Method focuses on the uniquness of each child and allows them to use their curiousity to discover the world around them. The child’s five senses are incorporated into the learning process, and self-correcting materials allow children to learn independently with the direction and guidance of qualified teachers. 

 With her plan consistently applied, the school grew steadily and rapidly. The 100% success rate of the alumni was a testimony to the Director’s adherance to her plan and vision. The expanding number of children waiting to attend LMS called for more classrooms to be opened. A modular unit was brought in to accomodate a Preschool class, and two Kindergarten classes were added to the main building. As LMS continied to grow, First and Second Grades were added to the main building in 2004.  From its humble beginnings, to the top of the line facility is has grown into today, credit is to be given to the dedication and hard work of the teachers’ and parents’ of LMS. It is their support and involvement in LMS that has contributed to the school’s success. The students that currently attend and also those who have graduated, are not only well educated, but also well-rounded individuals. It is the strong foundation that LMS instills in each child, that is priceless.  

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